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As required by the WV Real Estate Commission, paper and pencil exam to be administered by Realty One, Inc. Written final exam will be graded by Realty One, Inc. as described in WV Leg. Rule §174-3-3.

3. Important Note: In order to sit for the WV Real Estate Exam, the applicant must have earned a grade of 70% or better in each of the following subject areas, as required by the WV Legislative Rule §174-3-3;

Real Estate Principles and Practice

Real Estate Law

Real Estate Finance

Real Estate Appraisal

4. Upon successful completion of the pre-license course, Realty One, Inc., (approved course provider), shall supply the student with a certificate of course completion.

5. Important Note: WVREC §30-40-11 Application for license requirements:

• Submit an application to the WVREC on their form, containing;

• Social Security Number

• Recommendation of at least two persons who; have owned property for at least 2 months prior to signing the application and have known the applicant 2 years and are not related or affiliated with applicant as employer, employing broker, partner or associate.

• Believe the applicant is honest, trustworthy, and competent to transact the business of real estate salesperson, assoc. broker or broker in a manner to protect the public’s interest.

• A clear record indicating if the applicant has been convicted of any criminal offense or if there is a criminal charge pending against the applicant.

• Is at least 18 years of age and a high school graduate or equivalent diploma.

• Is trustworthy of good moral character and competent to transact the business of a salesperson or broker.

• Has paid the appropriate fee, which must accompany the application for the original license.

• Has submitted to a state and national criminal history record check.

90-Hr Pre-licensing Course Details

Taught by a Full Time Real Estate Broker

Upon completion of the study of the 90 Hour Pre-Licensing Course, we will administer a final exam. The student must pass each area (Principles and Practice, Law, Finance and Appraisal) of the final exam with a score of at least 70% in each area of study.

If a student should fail any area of the final exam, we will schedule a second testing date to allow the student to obtain a passing score.

Upon successfully passing our final exam, we will help the student obtain an application to take the State Exam in Charleston. The fee for the WV Natl. and State Exam, described below, is $96, to be paid at time of examination. Upon passing the State Exam, salesperson licensing fees are; application Fee; $25. and Salesperson license - $75.00, per year. Each student applicant must have a broker sponsor, before the student is permitted to take the State Exam. A salesperson licensee must serve a two (2) year apprenticeship with a broker prior to making application to sit for the Broker's Exam.

Real Estate Examination Program Candidate Handbook

WV National and WV State Salesperson Examination Fee $96.

The licensing examinations for salesperson and broker candidates are administered by PSI under a contract with the West Virginia Real Estate Commission.

The examinations are computerized and administered at PSI Assessment Centers. To better serve the candidates, there are five locations available for testing: Beckley, WV, Bridgeport, WV, Dunbar, WV, Fairmont, WV, Hagerstown, MD, and Pittsburgh, PA. Locations and directions are also listed on PSI’s website www.goAMP.com. The examinations are administered by appointment only Monday through Friday and some Saturdays depending on availability.

Information about the examination content, rules for examination, how to register for examination and what to do following the examination can be found in the Candidate Handbook. A copy of the handbook can be downloaded from here: WVREC Candidate Handbook

Course Orientation

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Approved by Arello

Modern Real Estate Practice v19, ARELLO Course

There are no prerequisite courses required for this course.

Contact the Instructor

Instructor’s name: Stephen T. Pennington

Instructor’s expected response time: 24 hours

Realty One, Inc.

203 Crestview Drive, Charleston, WV 25302

Telephone: 304-342-0505

Fax: 304-342-1223

Toll Free: 1-888-757-0505

Email: steve@stevepennington.net

Website: www.StevePennington.net

Orientation Notes

Welcome to the exciting world of real estate! I am here 24/7 to answer your questions and help you pass the WV Real Estate Exam. I am honored to have you participate in this online course. Feel free to call me at 304-342-0505 or email me at steve@stevepennington.net, with any questions you may have about the subject matter contained in the online Modern Real Estate Practice course.

You will master the course subject matter of Real Estate Principles and Practice, Law, Finance and Appraisal. Real Estate listing and sales is one of the most exciting and financially rewarding careers that exist in today’s job market. Truly, you can earn as much income as you desire, simply by investing the needed time, energy and resources. Prior to taking the WV real estate exam, I will offer you the opportunity to take a power point exam review with me as your live instructor. As you follow this carefully planned course outline, you will be surprised at how much you will learn and how productive your time will be. It is important that you schedule sufficient time to successfully complete this course so that the course material will be fresh when you take the course final exam. You will want to time your course completion so that you will have sufficient time to complete the final exam review, WVREC Exam Application and get the application to the WV Real Estate Commission by the Exam Application Deadline. I will help you accomplish this process.

Please, read this syllabus and the online mandatory orientation course information to establish a good base of understanding of the course requirements, learning management system, course flow and expectations. Feel free to call me with any questions you may have as I am prepared to help you successfully pass this course, the WV Real Estate Exam, receive your WV real estate salesperson’s license and enter an exciting, rewarding career in real estate.

Have fun,

Steve Pennington, Instructor

Course Requirements

Clickable Link: WV Real Estate Commission's article on requirements to obtain a WV salesperson's license

West Virginia State requirements; Course provider, content and instructor must be approved by the WV Real Estate Commission and school and instructor must be bonded and approved by the WV Higher Education Policy Commission, as a secondary education provider, trade school. The course and instructor must be approved by ARELLO and the instructor must be a certified distance education instructor, CDEI.

WV Real Estate Commission requires student to successfully pass a written exam with a minimum passing score of 70% in the following 4 areas of study; Principles and Practice, Law, Appraisal and Finance. Final exam must include a minimum of 150 questions with 50% subjective and 50% objective questions to receive a completion certificate.

Reporting to Regulatory Agencies:

Upon successfully completing the course and receiving their certificate of completion, we are required to provide a list of students who completed the course and are planning to take the WV real estate licensing exam, administered in Charleston, WV monthly by the WV Real Estate Commission. We must also provide an annual list of all students that took our courses to the Commission.

Copyright © 2019 Stephen Ted. Pennington. All Rights Reserved.

Grading Scale

See addendum #3, Student Affidavit and

3-A, Completion Certificate

Final Exam and Review

The final exam for the Real Estate Salesperson Pre-License course will be given in the conference room at Realty One, Inc.’s office, located at 203 Crestview Drive, Charleston, WV 25302 and may also be administered by an offsite approved testing proctor with an accompanying student affidavit of completion. WV real estate salesperson’s exam applications will be provided and explained to students after the exam.

The test will consist of 50 percent objective (True/False, multiple choice, etc.) and 50 percent subjective (fill in the blank or short answer). Just as with the West Virginia Real Estate Commission’s Exam, decisions of the instructor are final.

Students must score 70 percent on each of the four sections of the written exam in order to receive the certificate of successful completion which is required to apply to the WVREC to take the West Virginia Real Estate Salesperson Exam.

Those areas include:

Real Estate Law, Real Estate Finance, Real Estate Appraisal, Real Estate Principles and Practice

Students that fail one or more sections of the exam, may retake the exam at the offices of Realty One, Inc., upon scheduling a time with the instructor.

Certificate of Completion will be given to the student upon successfully passing the final course written exam. The original copy of the certificate must be submitted along with the application to the WV Real Estate Commission no later than the published registration deadline date and time in order to take the WV Real Estate Salesperson’s Licensing Exam. All questions on the application must be complete, a sponsoring broker must be identified, and the four required signatures must each be notarized.

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